Analysis Time* & Ordering
Service Time in days is offered with results available on the following basis:
  • Same
  • 1
  • 2
  • 5
  • 10
  • Special Project

* To guarantee results are available the same day, samples must be received by 8 am PST. Same-day, 1- and 2-day service requires a pure isolate culture. Please note: Customers will be advised if mixed or contaminated cultures are received and all isolates assessed from such cultures will incur an additional processing fee and 2-5 days service time.

** Please call our Service Representative for information regarding our complete line of microbiological services. These include:

  • Processing of primary samples (e.g., isolation of pure cultures)
  • Specialized Microbial identification
  • Genetic subtyping/DNA fingerprinting (permitting inter-strain differentiation)
  • Microbial quantification
  • Microbial purity assessment
  • BioPassport (extensive characterization of microbial cell banks)
  • Microbial contaminant tracking
  • Microbial culture storage (cryogenic)

For current pricing or to request special project quotations, please contact us.

Order Form

For routine Microbial Identification and Genetic Subtyping Services, download a Service Request Form (PDF) to submit along with the samples being sent.


MEI's microbial identification and differentiation reporting is accurate and concise. Full identification/subtyping reports are faxed or e-mailed (as specified) to meet your selected time frame

Download sample submission form